As part of the Downtown Improvement District’s (DID) commitment to supporting the economic and cultural vibrancy of its businesses, we provide marketing and promotional support for your business through a strategic mix of advertising, promotions, social media, and special events.

We strongly encourage your business to take advantage of the following FREE marketing opportunities provided to you by the DID:

The DID maintains an all-inclusive listing of merchants within the DID boundary on our website, accessible on desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Updates to the website listing is done monthly.

Have changes? Contact:

Social Media

Our public social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube provide the DID businesses the opportunity to reach new audiences around the region and beyond.To be featured in our social media posts, please send us a high-resolution image along with any promotions, sales, events, or talking points.

Faces of the DID

An engaging video series that invites you to explore the beating heart of downtown Sarasota through the lens of its dynamic and diverse businesses. In each episode, we shine a spotlight on the vibrant personalities and stories behind the storefronts that define the DID. Our videos peel back the layers to reveal the passion, innovation, and community spirit that make Sarasota’s downtown a hub of creativity and commerce. Celebrate the unique faces and spaces that collectively shape the rich tapestry of our downtown community, inviting you to connect, explore, and fall in love with the heart of Sarasota.


Our monthly DID newsletter gives around-up and inside scoop of events and promotions taking place around downtown.To become one of our highly engaged subscribers please visit

If you have an event, promotion, or other noteworthy information you’d like for us to include in the newsletter, let us know!

Special Events

With so many dynamic businesses and ongoing beautification initiatives, our events programming is one of the best ways we can share the DID with visitors throughout the year. Our events, like Fresh Fridays are aggressively marketed and are designed to benefit as many downtown businesses as possible.

Do you have an upcoming event? Have ideas for what events you would like to see downtown? Let us know by contacting us at: